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Which Witch is Wicked?


Book 2: The Witches of Port Townsend

The de Moray witches are back, and this time there’s hell to pay….

Claire. How does a fire witch battle her feelings for a sexy apocalyptic horseman when he’s burned his way into her heart? In a world now plagued with signs of the four opened seals, Claire must choose between her loyalty to her sisters and her longing to embrace her taste for War. When faced with a new evil, will Claire’s desperate attempt to fix the past incinerate them all?

Aerin. How does an air witch learn to fly when she’s falling for the wrong man? With an army of vengeful undead rattling the gates, Aerin feels powerless to save her sisters from their ominous destiny. Turning to Pestilence for help is the first in a series of choices that might tempt her to embrace her darker nature. When faced with a whirlwind of dangerous decisions, she’s left to wonder: does the end justify the means?

Tierra. How does an earth witch come to terms with the fact that she and Death created a life? Consumed with the terrifying possibility that she’s carrying the antichrist, Tierra must also contend with her sisters dabbling in the dark arts. But will Tierra’s newfound powers help stop the apocalypse or widen the growing chasm between them all?

Moira. How does a water witch stay afloat when she finds herself at the mercy of a man who has none? Kidnapped by Conquest and separated from her sisters, Moira must face down not only the demons within herself, but also a force whose lust for power could destroy everything she loves. But when Moira learns of a new threat larger than anything she or her sisters had ever imagined, will joining forces with Conquest turn the tide for good…or evil?

The de Moray sisters will have a devil of a time fighting the most sinister threat they’ve encountered yet…the wickedness within.

USA Today bestselling authors, Kerrigan Byrne, Tiffinie Helmer, Cynthia St. Aubin and Cindy Stark join together to bring you an exciting series that pushes genre boundaries. Thrilling, imaginative, addictive!

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